LUU Pods are Not E-Cigarettes

LUU Pods are miniature aromatherapy diffusers. They vaporize oil blends and release aromatic vapor to provide all the benefits of aromatherapy. Our products are designed for adults who are seeking a better understanding of the basic concepts of aromatherapy.

In contrast, E-Cigarettes are defined as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. LUU Pods are entirely nicotine free, free of artificial coloring, nicotine, vitamin E acetate, and other compounds used in E-cigarettes.

Further distinguishing us from e-cigarettes are several other attributes, including:

  • Heating mechanism and temperature. The temperature of LUU Pods is very low in contrast to traditional e-cigarettes or “vapes". The reason for this is that our goal is to maximize the aromatherapy benefit of the product.
  • Goal of the product - LUU Pods are intended to support a healthy lifestyle by providing an aromatherapy experience.

LUU Pods make the 6000 year old practice of aromatherapy accessible in a modern, convenient form factor.

What are LUU Pods?

LUU pods are blends of oils that fit in our LUU personal aromatherapy diffuser. These various therapeutic blends are emulsified in propylene glycol. When the pods are activated and heated, these blends leave the diffuser in a vapor format. LUU Pods are intended for a luxurious aromatherapy experience. They do not contain nicotine, tobacco, THC, or vitamin E acetate.

Our ingredients contain no harmful chemicals like nicotine or diacetyl.

All testing and analysis were conducted by an independent testing laboratory accredited to Anderson Materials Evaluation, INC.

All CBD+ testing is accredited to CRG Labs, LLC.

We encourage people to use LUU Pods 3-4 times per day, taking 3-5 gentle breaths with each use. Our pods are designed to be pulled in through your mouth and immediately exhaled through your nose. LUU Pods should not be inhaled into your lungs, as this is the least effective way of experiencing aromatherapy. Used properly, most users will experience a pleasant effect within a few minutes of utilizing the product.

People frequently ask us about: 

  • Heating oils: While the heating of oils in a pen in order to create a therapeutic personal aromatherapy experience is new, the concept is not. For 6000+ years, people have been practicing aromatherapy by heating oils. Use cases range from the preparation of natural medicine to what we commonly view as modern aromatherapy. 

How Do LUU Pods Work?

The LUU personal oil diffuser and LUU pods work by vaporizing oil blends which results in a mist of aromatic compounds. When you inhale the air is pulled through the mouthpiece, the oil blend in each pod is heated, which creates a mist that is breathed in through the mouth and out through the nose. This allows the aromatherapy to maximize contact with your olfactory bulb and ensures that you experience the full benefits of the aromatherapy. The vapor from LUU Pods is not be inhaled into your lungs, as doing so is substantially less beneficial.
Your olfactory bulb is directly connected to your limbic system. By interacting directly with those systems, LUU Pods can have the maximum affect on your mood, helping you feel more awake, relaxed, focused, etc.

Do you “smoke” LUU Pods?

As simply as we can put this - no. Smoke is produced from combustion and burning of various substances, and no combustion occurs in our product whatsoever. Furthermore, none of the ingredients commonly associated with smoking (tobacco, nicotine, harsh chemicals) are present in any of our LUU pods. In other words, where this is smoke, there is fire, and our products produce neither.